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Hero Honda Karizma R Reviews

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Karizma R

Hero Honda Karizma R

Hero Honda Karizma R

Maker : Hero Honda
Body Type:
Price(Ex-Mumbai) :Rs 82,180 /-

(Technical Specification)

Looks, Design and Styling

The launch of Karizma by Hero Honda has bought in finer pleasure of biking. It looks very stylish with its balck alloy die-cast wheels dual light tailpiece, the fairing, silencer unit, front indicators, stepped up seat, panel shapes and new yellow black instrument binnacle. The tank doesn’t look big and bulky but it holds 15 litres of fuel.

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The amber backlighting for instruments is exciting. Being connected directly to the battery, all lights and instruments work independently of the rpm of the engine, and are a boon at night. The guide lamps are superb and borrowed from the Royal Enfields. The tank recesses easily accommodated the legs of our tallest testers.


The sporty position of the seat offers the best possible seating position for the rider although the pillion seat could have been a little bit more longer. Even on long journeys, the back support is very good and the front shock-absorbers do a great job of damping the vibrations. The rear shock-absorbers are perfect for Indian Road conditions which mostly consist of pot-holes and speed breakers. The rear rider’s comfort levels aren’t all that great and could have been done with little more thinking and concentration.

Ride and Handling

Stability at any and every speed is top class. Turn-in is excellent and cornering is admirable. Though the riding position is very sporty and similar to that of the older CBZ, it feels different. This bike simply begs you to ride hard, on any empty road. The long wheelbase at 1355mm helps in giving stability due to this Stability at any and every speed is top class. Gripping the wide bars, the rush of pleasure with its linear torque is a feeling difficult to put in words. Turn-in is excellent and cornering is admirable. The way the suspension is set up and mated with the single downtube conventional frame is excellent.

Performance and engine

It is powerred by 17BHP 223cc single cylinder engine from the stables of Honda, who are possibly the best engine manufacturers world-wide. The shift lever is a sporty one and has a 1 down 4 up sports-bike like shift pattern. The fairing is not a full one which can be seen on sports bikes but nevertheless it was never before there on any Indian bike.

The motor is silky smooth across all bands of power and never shows signs of tiring and goes on and on and on. It seems as if you still have loads of power even at speeds of 100kmph. The idling speed of the engine is best set around.
The gearbox employs a tall close ratio fourth and fifth gear with lower gearing for the first three gears. This works out well giving one sufficient power out on the highway, yet not making the bike tough to ride around town. A wet multi-plate clutch is employed and feels perfect, with just the correct amount of feedback. Thumb the starter and the first thing you will notice is the refinement of the engine.

Fuel Economy

Refinement, comfort, great handling and that much-sought-after big bike feel are all available on the Karizma. Equipped with a larger capacity engine, the Karizma’s mileage figures depend on how it is ridden. Under city riding conditions, the bike returned 30kpl and on the highway testing runs surprised with an impressive 45kpl at a speed of 70kph. The main important things are that you shouldn’t open up the throttle and try speeding away. Gear shifts and acceleration should be gradual. A smooth driving style with minimal gear shifts is to be followed. Overall is a great bike with superb refinement, comfort and great handling. It is a highly capable and stylish bike but high price puts it out of reach for many.

(Technical Specification)

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Hi this is solomon i am from Chennai working with tata groups i like the bike very much its one of my dreams too…. I am planning to buy the bike but still my mood is changing to take other bike like pulzar 200 or yahama

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