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REVA all set to grow.

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Think electric vehicles and the first company that springs to the Indian mind is REVA. It was the first company in India which came out with a car running on electricity as opposed to diminishing natural resources. Things have progressed on a much larger scale since then and REVA has now spread across the world.

The expansion is happening in India as well with REVA all set to build a new assembly plant in Bangalore. Thanks to the increased production, the new plant will have a capacity of 30,000 units per annum which will also account for the plan of introducing one new model every year starting end 2009.

The REVA electric car has seen a rise in its popularity in Europe, and is available in seven countries in the continent with more names to be added in the list soon. The company’s current model, the REVAi, which is marketed in UK as G-Wiz has a top speed of 80kmph. The new lithiumion powered REVA L-ion , announced in January and hits production in May and will offer improved acceleration, a longer 120 km range accompanied by a six hour standard charge and a one hour fast charge to 90 percent.

Just like the car, the company’s new facility in Bangalore will be one of the most eco-friendly units around and will be built according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system standard, which is an internationally accepted rating system and benchmark for evaluating and certifying sustainable sites.

Naturally based facilities for the plant will include rainwater harvesting, natural light and ventilation, solar energy harvesting, steel structure technology and a C02 monitor. The employees on the other hand get a modern canteen, games room and electric buses to transport them to and from work.



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