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Chennai autos set to go limousine way.

Posted on: March 2, 2009

They are no limousines but a new fleet of autorickshaws with air cooler, DVD player and tinted windshield here offering a luxurious ride that few could resist.

The luxury autorickshaw, an innovative idea of 27-year old mechanic-cum-driver Abu Backer, has become an instant hit as many are approaching him to get their three-wheelers modified.

The autorickshaw fitted with a DVD player, a drop down screen providing privacy, a 750 watt amplifier and an air-cooler also brings a refreshing change to the image of the city autorickshaw drivers, often facing charges of fleecing and rudely behaving with the passengers.

Fully operated by a remote, the suspension system has been overhauled and exhaust muffled with a modified silencer.

To give it a cool interior, the autorickshaw has tinted windshield. Some other cosmetic changes include changing the shape of the mudguard. A neon bulb has been fitted under the chasis to give variegated feel during movement.

“The paint job was difficult because I changed it thrice to get the ‘gold computer metallic’ colour,” Backer told the media.

“I spent more than a Rs one lakh for the modifications which include Rs 30,000 for video and amplifier, Rs 20,000 for special cushion, Rs 10,000 for nickel plating and painting.

“The rest I spent for special MRF tyres, a Sumo battery and fluorescent stickers,” Backer said..



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